Mapping Applications for Sportsmen, Land Managers, and Land Brokers

Land Management

TerraStride is a mapping technology company that helps people enjoy, manage, and market land.

User Experience Focused

We enable people to create, edit, share, and save maps using any device, whether at home or in the field.


Our online mapping platform bridges the gap between mobile and browser-based mapping.



The HuntStand App is a free, must-have tool for hunting and land management. It enhances the safety and success of each hunt and presents insights into the land and records of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

The HuntStand app also features our patent-pending HuntZone technology, the most streamlined and efficient way to show wind speed, direction, and changing weather patterns. HuntZone will show where your scent will be both at a specific time and throughout your hunt, allowing you to plan accordingly. You can “slide” through wind forecasts and view the effects on your desired hunting area. More details…

Available on Android (Play Store)

Available on the iPhone (App Store)


Carefully designed to work in both online and offline environments, the HuntStand app provides geospatial, weather, and game data on any device. It enables users to mark-up maps of their properties with features, tasks, sightings, harvests, and all other information relevant to their hunting style.

The application’s interface is simple, yet powerful, and puts many useful features right at your fingertips.

  • Map your property using 50 easily discernible custom icons.
  • Add lines (roads, trails, etc…) and shapes (polygons for food plots, boundaries, etc..) to your property maps.
  • Compute accurate distance and area measurements in feet, meters, and yards.
  • Access detailed weather and solunar information.

Available on Android (Play Store)

Available on the iPhone (App Store)


HuntStand.com is an online mapping, collaboration, and analytics platform that serves as a hub for the HuntStand mobile app.

HuntStand.com offers advanced map editing, land-management, reporting, social, and collaboration tools. Hunters who use the HuntStand app in the field can use HuntStand.com to enhance their maps, collaborate, share successes, and gain insights into their land and their hunts. HuntStand.com is free to use. More details…


  • Map out your hunting areas with custom icons
  • Add Shapes like food plots and boundaries
  • Add Lines like roads and trails
  • Track and Analyze harvests and sightings
  • Filter your data by time and type
  • Attach Photos and Videos to map objects
  • Monitor Wind speed and direction over time
  • Measure Area of food plots and much more
  • Measure Distance between objects
  • Access Weather forecasts
  • Check Solunar calendar
  • Sync mobile data with HuntStand.com
  • Share maps with friends
  • Create and Manage a Profile and "friend" other hunters
  • View multiple advanced map base-layers and overlays, including a national parcel overlay


TerraStride Pro Sell more land in less time

Real Estate Mapping

TerraStride Pro is an advanced, next-generation online mapping platform that helps brokers win and close more listings by improving how they map and market properties.

Brokers can use TerraStride Pro to make a complete map all the property's features. Prospective buyers can take interactive tours of these maps, browsing through uploaded media and grouped features, such as hunting assets and timber stands.

Compared to other mapping platforms, TerraStride Pro is easy to use and provides a robust toolset for creating and editing maps. It allows brokers to create media-rich maps for their listings in less than twenty minutes. The platform is completely online, and brokers can share maps simply by sharing their links. These engaging maps give buyers a better sense of the properties that brokers are selling.

TerraStride Pro helps brokers and buyers evaluate the most suitable listings before taking a trip to see them, which saves everyone a great deal of time and effort. This is especially helpful to brokers who are selling to clients in distant geographies.

Please visit TerraStridePro.com for more information.

Real Estate Maps

National Parcel Database
Access a complete parcel overlay map (shown above) and create accurate property boundaries using a comprehensive national database. Gather relevant meta data about a parcel, e.g., owner, market value, ids, etc.

Managing map objects is easy with TerraStride Pro. Annotate maps by adding markers, lines, and polygons. Photos, videos and descriptions can be added to any map object. Map objects can be organized in layers that can be shown or hidden by default. Files can be attached to any property.

Search for properties by address, Section/Township/Range, Tax ID, or Latitude/Longitude.

Print out detailed property maps complete with legends and annotations.

TerraStride Pro features tools for easily measuring distances and areas. Advanced statistics are automatically computed for each property, including: Deeded acreage, total acreage, timber, water, marsh, field, or pasture area; total road, trail, or river length, and more.

Track property views by location and frequency.

Layers and Overlays…

To explore TerraStride Pro for free go to TerraStridePro.com

Layers and Overlays

Section/Township/Range layer and search tool

Soil Map

National Flood Hazard Layer


Federal/State lands, Government boundaries, Street Maps, and detailed Satellite Imagery

Try out TerraStride Pro for free at TerraStridePro.com

Our Team

TerraStride was founded in 2012 by Lanford Holloway in Columbia, SC, where its headquarters are located today. TerraStride also has offices in Portland, OR.
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